Offer of one drink per person with the meal

Offer of one drink per person with the meal

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Restaurante Taberna da Maré


For almost 30 years, the Taberna da Maré restaurant is not Largo da Barca, run by Zeca Pinhota. 
The charismatic Ideal this restaurant in Portimão seized a tavern that had existed there since the early 1940s and completely stripped the existing space to rebuild it as it always has, with a tall tavern-tiled counter, long tables and benches made of wood E 5 liter bottles of wine to adorn shelves. 
On the shared walls, an extensive collection of black and white photographs in which the sensitive eye of Julius Bernardo, renowned Portimonian photographer, illustration as more authentic memories of the city of Portimão. When we look at a Taberna da Maré menu, we find a very Algarvian personality, with great pride in the gastronomic heritage of several generations of a Portimonese family, "the dishes that I ate at my grandparents' house," Zeca explained to us. From this Portimão restaurant, highlighting the dishes of the marine cuisine like mackerel or horse mackerel, a feijoada of horns with white beans, like fresh lulinhas filled or fried to the Algarve, not forgetting the grilled fresh fish and meats of the best quality. When we entered the restaurant Taberna da Maré we felt welcomed and comfortable. 
It's like going out to eat, but truly feel at home. Of the many restaurants in Portimão, a Taberna da Maré is an obligatory stop where we are warmly received as being "from the house", with all authenticity, in an intimate, warm and traditional Algarve environment.


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Portimão
Número de Bilhetes: 1  
Discount: 5,00 €  

Validity days: 180 Days

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Restaurante Taberna da Maré
Address: Travessa da Barca, 9, 8500-755 Portimão

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