Offer of one drink per person with the meal

Offer of one drink per person with the meal

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Restaurante Castelos


The Castelos Restaurant was one of the first to arrive at Praia da Rocha in the late 60's by the hands of Carlos Vicente and Henriqueta Duarte.
 It is currently managed by the grandchildren, but the kitchen is still led by the usual hands. Like many, until about 2005 this restaurant in Praia da Rocha was very similar to a beach support, which with the requalification of the beach has gained new architecture. At the Castelos Restaurant we find a family, a service that values the friendliness and proximity, were not already in the 3rd generation of customers, who year after year make a point of making meals as a family holiday. In this restaurant of Praia da Rocha is the sea that will reap the inspiration for the specialties of the house, made with ingredients of quality, a lot of mastery and affection. From the typical Algarve cuisine that we can sample here we highlight the Cataplanas, the Seafood Rice, the Fresh Fish and Seafood, the Fish, meat or tropical skewers. The wine list is exemplary and the team integrates a selection whose knowledge will guide us to the right choice. 
The same level of specialization we find in the bar, where we can drink one of the best gins or cocktails of Praia da Rocha.


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Portimão
Número de Bilhetes: 1  
Discount: 6,00 €  

Validity days: 180 Days

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Restaurante Castelos
Address: Apartado 69, Praia da Rocha, 8500-905 Portimão

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