Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Aims
  • 2. Definitions
  • 3. General 2
  • 4. Management Contacts
  • 5. Advertising and Marketing strategies and information of Products and Services
  • 6. Pricing and Availability
  • 7. Payment Methods
  • 8. Returns, Exchange, Extension and Refunds Policy
  • 9. ALGARVE PASS® card
  • 9.1 Card Membership and Pricing
  • 9.2 Card Special Offers and Promotions
  • 9.3 Official Card Retailers
  • 9.3.1 Online
  • 9.3.2 Tourism Offices - Posto de Turismo
  • 9.3.3 Other Retailers
  • 9.4 ALGARVE PASS® Card collection
  • 9.5 Using ALGARVE PASS® Card
  • 9.5.1 Using Vouchers and Products with the Card
  • 9.5.2 Points
  • 9.5.3 Points Transfer
  • 9.5.4 Card Expiration Date and Points
  • 9.6 Transport Card
  • 9.6.1 Description
  • 9.6.2 Top Up
  • 9.6.3 Activating Transport Tickets
  • 9.6.4 Expiring Date
  • 9.6.5 Using Transport Tickets
  • 10. Experiences Vouchers
  • 10.1 Purchase Experience Vouchers
  • 10.2 Using the Vouchers
  • 10.2.1 Booking an Experience
  • 10.2.2 Using an Experience
  • 10.3 Changes, “No – Shows” and Cancelations of the Experience
  • 10.4 Rescheduling and Cancelling of Experiences due unforeseen circumstances
  • 10.5 Vouchers Expiring Date
  • 11. Responsibilities
  • 12. Other Promotions and Special Offers
  • 13. Transport, Accommodation and Meals
  • 14. Insurance
  • 15. Personal Account
  • 15.1 Access
  • 15.2 Transactions
  • 16. Cancelation, Replacement or Lost Cards
  • 16.1 Cancelling a Card
  • 16.2 Lost or Not Working Cards
  • 17. Wrong Usage of the Card
  • 18. Question, Suggestions and Complaints
  • 19. Privacy and Data Protection
  • 20. Final Notes
  • 21. Law and Jurisdiction

1. Aims
This regulation aims to define the terms and conditions applicable to the sale, purchase and use of the ALGARVE PASS® card and associated products and services, generically called "Experiences".

2. Definitions
Experience: Product, Service, Event, and other Leisure related activities, in several areas, available through the ALGARVE PASS ® card.
Partner: Other partners in the ALGARVE PASS ®, exclusively responsible for providing all services / products sold through the card.
User: Person holding the ALGARVE PASS ® and can enjoy an experience, provided by a Partner, by owning a Voucher loaded on the card.
Voucher: A document used as a "method of payment" with a partner and allows the User of the same holding an Experience. The voucher is automatically loaded on the card ALGARVE PASS ® after confirmation and proof of actual payment.

3. General
The Processcard Ltd is the company that sells the ALGARVE PASS ® card and is in charge of a set of products and services that can be enjoyed by legitimate owners of the electronic vouchers loaded in the card.
The organizing, implementation, completion, production and availability of experiences are solely the responsibility of their respective partners, so Processcard, Lda is only an intermediary between the user of the voucher and its respective Partner.
The vouchers are as means of payment to Partners responsible for the availability of products and services, and are not a activity of travel agencies and tourism.
The purchase and use of the card and vouchers associated presume the knowledge and recognition without any reservation, by the User, the conditions set out in this document. The conditions described prevail over any other document, including any other conditions of purchase, so the users will recognize expressly do not apply.

4. Management Contacts
Processcard Unipessoal, Lda
Address: Zona Industrial de Loulé, Edifício Inovacenter 8100-272 Loulé
Telephone: + 351 911 112 000
E-mail: geral@processcard.pt

5. Advertising and Marketing strategies and information of Products and Services
All communication (done in any types of resources and support) made to publicize the ALGARVE PASS ® card and / or products / services associated are purely informative and not contractual.
The description of experiences, presented on the website or any other medium, is summarized but always as explicit as possible and photographs or other images that accompany them are merely illustrative. These descriptions are only valid at the date of publication and may be changed without prior notice, due to the completion of the Experiences to be conditioned, exclusively by the Partners.
Typographical errors may still occur in the description of the Experiences, the Processcard cannot be held responsible for these errors.
A detailed description of an Experience, as well as confirmation of products and services included in it, may be asked by you to Processcard experiencias@algarve-pass.com via email or directly to the Partner responsible for its realization using the contacts provided in the description of the experience.
The duration of each experience is indicated by approximate time and for information purposes only.

6. Pricing and Availability
All prices include applicable legally taxes. Prices are reviewed and confirmed regularly but occasionally, despite the efforts of Processcard, errors may occur in the presentation of the same.
When it is established that the advertised value is less than the real value Processcard will contact the user to confirm whether it intends to keep or cancel your order. If it appears that the price shown on the website is higher than the actual value of the product / service the item will be charged on the card will be charged at its lower value.
Although the website only advertises products and services with validated availability, may occur in specific circumstances, breaks of stock to which the Processcard is not to be responsible, due to all products and services being managed and provided by external partners. In these situations Processcard will inform the user of the unavailability of the item, where the user may opt to exchange for another product or service or to be repaid the full amount.

7. Methods of payment
All transactions made through the website Algarve Pass card accept the following payment methods:

Credit Card

Purchases made elsewhere the methods of payment available are the retailers’ responsibility.

8. Returns, Exchange, Extension and Refunds Policy
The refund of products and services offered are subject to the rules set by the various outlets and legally specified deadlines. The request for a refund on products and services not yet used, purchased on the website ALGARVE PASS ® will be accepted when made within 15 days of purchase, provided that the user has the respective proof of payment.

The refund will always be made to the card (credit or ATM) used on payment, based on the prices charged on the purchase date and reported in applicable proof of payment. A 3% fee will be deducted from refund, due to the transaction costs charged by the bank.

After this period, the vouchers are not remitted by cash or refundable and must be used until the date of expiration.

The request for refund for items purchased in packs is accepted only when none of the vouchers that make the pack have been used. In these situations the return must include all items in the pack and will be refunded the total amount. 

Whenever there is the respective reimbursement the corresponding vouchers are eliminated from ALGARVE PASS ® card.
All valid vouchers can be exchanged for others that will have the same validity of the original voucher. If the user wishes to exchange for an item of higher value, the user shall pay the corresponding difference. Where the original article is exchanged worth less there will be no refund.

THE ALGARVE PASS ® card, is a product issued and registered by Processcard Ltd, is an innovative concept of loyalty and supported by a strong technological component and issued on the form of a members card, whose aim is to facilitate visitors and tourist to the Algarve a broad portfolio of experiences, services and products. 

The card is not transferable and the user assumes acceptance of the terms and conditions of these general conditions. This regulation may be changed without prior notice and you may consult the most updated version on the website of ALGARVE PASS ® (www.algarve-pass.com).

9.1 Card Membership and Pricing
To become a member of ALGARVE PASS ® go to the website www.algarve-pass.com or to registered retailers (see section 9.3) and make a payment for the purchase of the card. 

All products offered are intended only for the expenditure of the card user, so is required to obtain the card in order to make any purchase.
In the first purchase, if the user does not already have the ALGARVE PASS ® card, the card is automatically included in the shopping cart and billed the corresponding value (except in promotions of card offer).

9.2 Card Special Offers and Promotions
Further to the previous point, the card may be automatically available and / or at no cost as part of a specific promotional campaign and in these circumstances it is only assigned to only one card per purchase and per user. In this situation the card is only given if the user does not already have the ALGARVE PASS ®.

9.3 Official Card Retailers
9.3.1 Online Sale

9.3.2 Tourism Office

Algarve’s Airport Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo do Aeroporto Internacional do Algarve
Address: Aeroporto de Faro, 8001-701 Faro
Telephone: 289 818 582
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Albufeira Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Albufeira
Address: R. 5 de Outubro, 8200-109 Albufeira
Telephone: 289 585 279
E-mail: turismo.albufeira@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Alcoutim Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Alcoutim
Address: Rua 1º de Maio, 8970-059 Alcoutim
Telephone: 281 546 179
E-mail: turismo.alcoutim@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Aljezur Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Aljezur
Address: Rua 25 de Abril, 138, 8670-054 Aljezur
Telephone: 282 998 229
E-mail: turismo.aljezur@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Alvor Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Alvor
Address: Rua Dr. Afonso Costa 51, 8500-016 Alvor
Telephone: 282 457 540
E-mail: turismo.alvor@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Armacao de Pera Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Armação de Pera
Adress: Avenida Marginal, 8365-Armação de Pera
Telephone: 282 312 145
E-mail: turismo.armacaodepera@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Carvoeiro Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo do Carvoeiro
Adress: Praia do Carvoeiro, 8400-517 Carvoeiro
Telephone: 282 357 728
E-mail: turismo.carvoeiro@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Castro Marim Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Castro Marim
Address: Rua José Alves Moreira 2/4, 8950-138 Castro Marim
Telephone: 281 531 232
E-mail: turismo.castromarim@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Faro Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Faro
Address: R. da Misericórdia 8/11, 8000-269 Faro
Telephone: 289 803 604
E-mail: turismo.faro@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Lagos Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Lagos
Address: R. Melchior Moreira de Barbudo (S. João), 8600-722 Lagos
Telephone: 282 763 031
E-mail: turismo.lagos@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Loule Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Loulé
Address: Avenida 25 de Abril 9, 8100-506 Loulé
Telephone: 289 463 900
E-mail: turismo.loule@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website :www.visitalgarve.pt

Monchique Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Monchique
Address: Largo de S. Sebastião, 8550- Monchique
Telephone: 282 911 189
E-mail: turismo.monchique@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Monte Gordo Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Monte Gordo
Adress: Avenida Marginal, 8900- Monte Gordo
Telephone: 281 544 495
E-mail: turismo.montegordo@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Olhao Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Olhão
Address: Largo Sebastião Martins Mestre 8 A; 8700-349 Olhão
Telephone: 289 713 936
E-mail: turismo.olhao@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Ponte Internacional do Guadiana Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo da Ponte Internacional do Guadiana
Address: Ponte Internacional do Guadiana - A 22 - Monte Francisco, 8950-206 Castro Marim
Telephone: 281 531 800
E-mail: turismo.guadiana@turismodoalgarve.pt
Web: www.visitalgarve.pt

Praia da Rocha Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo da Praia da Rocha
Address: Av. Tomás Cabreira, 8500-802 Praia da Rocha
Telephone: 282 419 132
E-mail: turismo.praiadarocha@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Quarteira Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Quarteira
Address: Praça do Mar, 8125- Quarteira
Telephone: 289 389 209
E-mail: turismo.quarteira@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Sagres Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Sagres
Address: Rua Comandante Matoso, 8650-357 Sagres
Telephone: 282 624 873
E-mail: turismo.sagres@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Sao Bras de Alportel Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de São Brás de Alportel
Address: Largo de São Sebastião, 8150-107 São Brás de Alportel
Telephone: 289 843 165
E-mail: turismo.saobras@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Silves Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Silves
Address: E. N. 124 - Parque das Merendas, 8300- Silves
Telephone: 282 442 255
E-mail: turismo.silves@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

Tavira Tourism Office - Posto de Turismo de Tavira
Address: Praça do Município, 5 8800 Tavira
Telephone: 281 322 511
E-mail: turismo.tavira@turismodoalgarve.pt
Website: www.visitalgarve.pt

9.3.3 Other Retailers
The card might be available for purchase at other locations stated on the website.

9.4 Card Collection
When the card is purchased in the places indicated in sections 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 the ALGARVE PASS ® is automatically given to the buyer. 

Cards ordered via the website must be collected in one of the official reatilers listed in 9.3.2 and 9.3.3 upon presentation of proof of purchase.

9.5 Using the Card

9.5.1 Using Vouchers and Products with the Card

All products to add to the card may be purchased at the official retailers specified in Section 9.3.
All products, services and other offers purchased are automatically transferred onto the card so they are only available to users of the ALGARVE PASS ®.
Upon showing the card in stores partnered with ALGARVE PASS ® users can automatically take advantage of discounts, experiences and other advantages.
At any time the user can check ALGARVE PASS ® products, services and other offers available onto your card by accessing your personal area on the website www.algarve-pass.com.
The updated list of partners, the respective discounts and promotional campaigns in place are presented on the website and may be changed without prior notice.

9.5.2 Points

The purchased of products and or services associated with ALGARVE PASS ® can under specific offers and conditions designated in the exact conditions of the same, allow the accumulation of points.
The points awarded are valid for one year and are not redeemable for cash or replace payment. In in specific situations, the points might be converted into discounts pending approval from the management company or the network partners.
The allocation of points can exclude the possibility of acquiring other benefits associated with the ALGARVE PASS ® needing explicit communication to the user under the program or action which is subject to exclusion.
The accumulated points can be redeemed and valid, in tourist offices, listed in 9.3.2, for prizes and other products and services according to existing campaigns.

9.5.3 Point Transfer
The points earned are non-transferable and cannot be transferred between cards from different users.
In exchange for a specific prize points can be used more than one card from all the holders there present at the time of the transaction.

9.5.4 Card Expiration Date and Points
The card expires after 30 days. 

10. Experiences Vouchers

10.1 Purchase Experiences Vouchers
All products and services available are automatically activated on the card once a purchase is made, so only users of the ALGARVE PASS® can benefit from our Experiences.
The Experience may be purchased by Users of the ALGARVE PASS® directly on the website or in other official retailers (see paragraph 9.3).
Once the purchased of the Experience is done, they are automatically downloaded into the card and can be used immediately, except in experiments that require appointment or that take place on a date previously set.
The User of ALGARVE PASS® should check the downloading of products and / or services purchased by accessing your personal area (see paragraph 15).
Any irregularity in downloading vouchers should be immediately reported to Processcard Ltd by phone 911 112 000 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm GMT) or by email info@algarve-pass.com.

10.2 Using the Vouchers

10.2.1 Booking an Experience
Each Experience if needing booking will state its requirements. The User of the Voucher should contact the Partner providing the Experience in order to book the activity, with the time indicated in the description of the product / service. If the desired date for the completion of the experience is not available, User and Partner shall agree on another date.
When the description of the Experiment indicates the date of happening of the same, the user should only when required, confirm their presence.
The bookings are considered effective and definitive after confirmation with the Partner (by email or phone).
Whenever the user has difficulty in scheduling an Experience he should contact Processcard via email experiencias@algarve-pass.com or by phone 911 112 000.

10.2.2 Using the Experiences
To use the product and / or service purchased the card user needs only to present their ALGARVE PASS ® and a manner of identification to the Partner responsible for the Experience.
When the appointment of experience is required, the date and time (if applicable) scheduled for the realization of the same ALGARVE PASS ® user shall be at the location agreed with the Partner, with a minimum of 45 minutes (unless otherwise expressly indicated to be provided by Partner), and present your card and identification.

10.3 Changes, “No – Shows” and Cancelations of the Experience
The rescheduling or cancellation of an experience, previously scheduled, must be requested at the respective partner, with a minimum of 7 days (without prejudice to the need for greater advance in accordance with the commercial policy of each partner or other cases expressly provided)
The rescheduling of the previously agreed date is subject to availability of the Partner.
If the User does not arrive in the appropriate place on the scheduled date, and have not requested the rescheduling with the Partner, the Voucher will be considered as used and the User will lose any right to the goods / services associated with it, including the possibility of rebooking.

10.4 Rescheduling and Cancelling of Experiences due unforeseen circumstances
Some Experiences may be subject to limitations associated with weather conditions, unforeseen technical situations and other circumstances that prevent its realization. Whenever this occurs, the User must request the necessary information, at the time of appointment, with the respective partners.
If any Experience is cancelled due to weather conditions or unforeseen technical, the user must request to the partner all the necessary information in particular those relating to the booking of a new date (the schedule within the expiration date period of the voucher).
The Processcard cannot, under any circumstances, be liable for any expense, loss or damage resulting from cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, unforeseen technical or other situations that prevent the realization of an Experience.
Any problem associated with not having the Experience in the date previously fixed, regardless of cause related, should be resolved between the Partner and User ALGARVE PASS ® User.
Processcard cannot be held responsible for any issue between User and Partner.

10.5 Vouchers Expiring Date
Vouchers have a expiring date of six (6) months (from the date of purchase) so all experiences should be booked and held within that period, on penalty of final loss of the rights conferred by them.
Some experiences may have an exact date for completion (explicitly mentioned) being that date the expiring date of the voucher on the same date.

11. Responsibilities

The Processcard accepts only the role of intermediary between ALGARVE PASS ® Users & Partners and is not responsible for providing any service or product associated with the Experiences. In this capability, the Processcard cannot be liable in any way in any matter relating to the Experience and availability of products and / or services that participate, in particular with regard to their booking, cancellation, rescheduling, not running or defective performance as well as any event or consequence relating directly or indirectly to the provision and implementation of Experiences.
Nevertheless, Processcard always implement all necessary measures, within its obligation, to ensure satisfaction of the interests of all participants and reach a consensus among them.

12. Other Promotions and Special Offers
The conditions offered in the Experiences cannot be combined with any other promotions and special offers deals provided by a Partner, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

13. Transport, Accommodation and Meals
Unless state otherwise the Experiences do not include transport, accommodation and meals.

14. Insurance

Users are protected by the Partners insurance required by law, not assuming any liability Processcard of a particular Experience.
The absence, insufficiency or invalidity of insurance, permits or other legal requirements associated with the implementation of Experiences will be solely the responsibility of Partners, Processcard cannot be held responsible in this regard.
The presence of insurance does not limit the obligation of ALGARVE PASS® Users, expressly and under its sole responsibility that the User has the conditions (physical and mental) necessary and appropriate to carry out the Experience. Users are still required to comply with all applicable safety regulations of the Experience in question and must fully comply with all directions, rules and guidelines that are provided by Partners.
By agreeing to take part in an Experience the User accepts all the risks inherent to them.

15. Personal Account

15.1 Access
Access to the Private area is made by providing the correct personal details request on the link of our website www.algarve-pass.com.

15.2 Transactions
All transactions made under ALGARVE PASS®, being purchase of products and services, points earned and spend, prizes and more, can be seen on the personal account of the card’s holder via the website www.algarve-pass.com.

16. Cancelations, Lost or not working cards

16.1 Cancelling a Card
The User may, at any time, request the cancelation of the card by filling in a form and sending it to Processcard, Lda, by recorded delivery post, the User must include copy of id document.

16.2 Lost or not working Card
The User of the card should notify the Processcard that the ALGARVE PASS ®card has been lost or stolen within 15 days.
In case of loss or destruction, all vouchers, points and other benefits associated with the card are kept and will be available again in the new ALGARVE PASS ® issued for replacement.
If the user so requests will be issued a new card with all the products and services on the previous card. This download has no cost to the user. The user will have to pay a fee for a new card.

17. Wrong Card Practice
The Processcard reserves the right to cancel or request the return of any benefit enjoyed when it appears that the card has been misused.

18. Questions, Suggestions and Complaints
Any questions, suggestion and complaint must be made via email qualidade@algarve-pass.com or by telephone 00351 911 112 000.

19. Privacy and Data Protection
The Processcard is under the Privacy and Data Protection laws that the processing of personal data provided by ALGARVE PASS ® users (as defined in the Law n. º 67/98 of 26th of October). All data collected from the User are used exclusively for the purposes specified in the Experiences conditions. The acquisition and use of ALGARVE PASS ® and respective vouchers establish clear statement of consent and user acceptance of the processing of personal data under the terms of this document. You consent still sending commercial communications including those for Experiences or other available activities by Processcard, Ltd.
The Processcard ensures the confidentiality of all data provided by users of ALGARVE PASS ®, via the website or any other means of communication under the Article 14 of Law n. º 67/98 of 26th of October, and undertakes to put in place all appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data provided by users against destruction (accidental or unlawful), accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access.
To exercise the respective rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, the user should contact Processcard Ltd by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and a photocopy of your identification.

20. Final Notes
The present Terms and Conditions are subject to being changed without previous warning, the latest Terms and Conditions can be seen on the website www.algarve-pass.com

Any issue ignored will promptly be investigated and solved by Processcard, Ltd.

In the event that any part of these Terms and Conditions, even in part, be held invalid, such invalidity will not lead to other conditions to be invalid, so as not affect its validity as a whole, guaranteeing users not to petition against Processcard any inaccuracy that may be declared (including legal action).
This document is governed by Portuguese law, submitting to both parties to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Loulé, with express waiver of any other.

21. Law and Jurisdiction
This document is under Portuguese regulation, and shall be governed by Portuguese law, submitting to both parties to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Loulé, with express waiver of any other.