Enjoy the offer of two desserts in a meal for two

 Enjoy the offer of two desserts in a meal for two

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Restaurante Tertúlia Algarvia


The Algarve Tertulia represents the fulfillment of the dream of a group of friends, who, in 2006, decided to implement a space to spread the gastronomy, history and traditions of the region. After many plans, accounts and, above all, a lot of persistence, we opened our first public space in August 2013, in Vila-Adentro, the historical center of Faro. In addition to traditional meals, we provide cooking lessons and demonstrations, craft workshops, business meetings, exhibitions, among other experiences. For this, we have several versatile, comfortable and cozy spaces. In addition to activities in the Vila-Adentro area in Faro, we also organize initiatives in other places, such as catering services, classes and cooking demonstrations.


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Faro
Discount: 7,00 €  

Validity days: 180 Days

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Restaurante Tertúlia Algarvia
Address: Edifício Centro Empresarial de Faro,
Estrada da Penha
8000-489 Faro

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