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Manta Rota

THE SEM PLAINS MANTA ROTA is a pleasant spot ideal for slowing down and enjoying the view.

Manta Rota Beach is known for the pleasant temperature of its waters and the extensive sand.

The Algarve's cuisine values the relationship between serranos and maritime flavors, here this fantastic symbiosis is explored so that those who visit it take the essence of this region of memory.

The specialties are many and only to list a few: Grilled tuna steaks with pepper to herbs; Octopus rice; Conch of the "Bay of Monte Gordo", all washed down with a varied wine list and desserts to eat and mourn for more.




Season: Spring, Summer
Location: Vila Real de Santo António

Validity days: 180 Days

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Admirable Quation
Address: Praia da Manta Rota 8900-065 Vila Real de S.to António