Enjoy the offer of a bottle of house wine

 Enjoy the offer of a bottle of house wine

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Enjoy the offer of a bottle of house wine in a meal for two, just by showing your algarvepass card



The history of Café Calcinha is confused with the city that saw it born. Between groups and groups, between solitary looks and scalded spouts, the Calcinha Cafe saw two Great World Wars pass and witnessed the birth of democracy in Portugal. First was "Central" after the strength of the nickname of the name was stronger than its centrality. Perfect allegory: it was the strength of the human on the strength of the place. A complementarity that has never failed. The rich and the poor. Bernardo Lopes, Pedro de Freitas, Bexiga Peres and the unavoidable Aleixo. And so many more who divided the room into two. Time, democracy and strength of good has erased a line that never really existed and Panties come to the 21st Century ready for another stage. With other directions and with a certainty: The story is here. But the story does not end here. The story of Café Calcinha follows in a moment.


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Loulé

Validity days: 180 Days

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Café Calcinha
Address: Praça da República, 8100-269 Loulé

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