Offer of a drink up to €10 when buying another

Offer of a drink up to €10 when buying another

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WAX Restobar


The "old sailors" represent the sea and the most genuine roots of Faro beach. An ancestral memory full of salt, in a working life. 
The modern imagery of the planks represents the new generation, Who finds the pleasure of sliding through life in the sea. 
The WAX marks the timeless story of a fantastic place, Who has always lived by sea. And to the sea, among its several generations.


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Faro
Número de Bilhetes: 1  
Discount: 10,00 €  

Validity days: 180 Days

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WAX Restobar
Address: Avenida Nascente, nº10, Praia de Faro,
8005-520 Faro

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