Offer of a drink up to €5 when buying another

Offer of a drink up to €5 when buying another

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Bar On The Rocks


The On the Rocks has been on the main avenue in Praia da Rocha since 1996 and comprises several distinct spaces: one facing on to the Avenida Tomás Cabreira, the dance floor in the centre with a bar area overlooking the beach, and the terrace on the cliff top, with impressive views over Praia da Rocha.
The On the Rocks is the perfect solution if you want to keep up with your favourite sporting competitions during your holiday. All the sports channels are here, and you can watch them on the many screens dotted around the bar.
In the bar, all your favourite drinks are served by a friendly and professional team.
The On the Rocks is open daily and you can hear good commercial music and good DJs, who keep the spacious dance floor buzzing and turn the evenings into parties that continue into the small hours of the morning.
The friendliness and versatility of the bar win over everyone who comes here, whether it’s for breakfast before hitting the beach or for a lively night out in Portimão dancing with friends.


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Portimão
Número de Bilhetes: 1  
Discount: 5,00 €  

Validity days: 180 Days

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Bar On The Rocks
Address: Av. Tomás Cabreira, Vivenda Teixeira Gomes
Praia da Rocha
8500-802 Portimão

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