Algarve's Official Card

Algarve’s Tourism Board has developed, in partnership with Processcard, the algarvepass® project, an innovative concept of loyalty marketing, based on a strong technological component, accomplished through a loyalty members card.
This project's goal is to serve tourists with a vast range of experiences, services and typical Algarve's products, making Algarve a hallmark, increasing sales and leading tourists to know the local products and services.
The algarvepass® card gives access to discounted prices and special offers in the different partners of the algarvepass®.
Considering safety as one of the main axis of distinction and promotion of the Algarve as a destination of choice, the card includes a security component that allows the algarvepass® users not only to enjoy quality products but, above all, safety.
Therefore, there is an available helpdesk that allows direct access to hospitals and provides contact to police forces in the area.
The algarvepass® project was developed taking into account the National Strategic Plan for Tourism and its objectives, assuming the promotion of the Algarve as a destination of excellence.