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Libertos club: a reference in the night of Albufeira (Algarve) since 1985. 

• History From Piano-Bar to the most in Bar of the Algarve. 
The Disco Bars in Portugal came out in the night of Albufeira, and the Libertos Club was the pioneer!
Designed from a villa, the then "Liberto's Bar" started out as an innovative and refined Piano Bar, equipped with a central fireplace, a privileged terrace and even a swimming pool! 
But early on, its concept has evolved into a Bar inspired by Ibiza's sexy and laid-back nightlife scene, the Libertos Club comes in a time dominated by bars and above all by nightclubs. 
It is in this panorama that the first Bar of Portugal is born, creating a trend that today is more fashionable than ever. 
The already bold vision of the Liberto Mealha Group, elevated the concept of Bar to a new dimension, providing truly unforgettable nights. It is currently a business card of the city of Albufeira!


Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Location: Albufeira

Validity days: 180 Days

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Imperio Noctivago
Address: Albufeira