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When arriving at the Falésia beach (Albufeira), you will be welcomed by the unique NoSoloÁgua Albufeira bar. Between a dive in the sea and a sunny afternoon, there is no one who dispenses a refreshing drink. And if that brew can be accompanied by good music, well then it’s just really amazing!

The NoSoloÁgua Albufeira is one of the “must-see” spots in Albufeira; its privileged location with superb views to the dunes Falesia greatly helps to attract the public. In addition, the Sunset's Parties are a national reference for many years, having been the first areasto receive and boost DJ's that today are considered among the best national artists.This bar erected on the seafront even came to change the habits of the resident population and tourists with its sunset and outdoors parties on the beach which hosts the best DJ's and where you can dance in the sand until nightfall.In 2010 the NoSoloÁgua Albufeira has grown and is more mature, but continues with its environment of relaxation and leisure anchored in its spirit, always in love with the sandy landscapes and the music of the waves that extend out of sight. With a new challenge in mind, the NoSoloÁgua Albufeira aims to attract more regulars and to give them more comfort with a philosophy of fun combined with respect for nature. To this end, we prepared a single calendar for this summer, where fun, goodlayout andquality music areguaranteed.



Season: Spring, Summer
Location: Vilamoura

Validity days: 180 Days

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Marinagel Similares Hotelaria
Address: Praia Rocha Baixinha-Nascente, 8125 Vilamoura, Albufeira, Portugal